Lego Construction cabinet

This is version two of my Lego Cabinet. The first one I out grew. For me, this was the perfect solution. No need to unpack all my Lego and then re-pack it once I was done. Just open the doors, start building and close them when I'm finished. Plus all of my Lego that is either work in progress, or being stored remain dust free. And... it keeps small hands away from projects. The construction of the cabinet centered around the work surface, a one inch thick piece of Lexon plastic. The cabinet is 7 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 4 1/2 feet deep. There's storage on top and to one side. I cut and assembled the entire cabinet from scratch. The bins inside each door were the most time consuming. The main lighting is halogen lights on the top. There is also florescent lighting from below the work surface. Each set of lights can be independently turned on, off, or dimmed. When a bin or drawer gets to full to be useful, I move some of the parts to storage, and mark the container with a sticker so I know there's more elsewhere. I was going to put shelves below the work surface for bins to sit on. That unfortunately would reduce the number of bins I could store. So for now I'm happy with a bit of unorganized storage. I'm not sure of the total weight of the cabinet, but one door empty, weighs around 50 pounds. I've not found a latching system that I like to hold the doors closed, so for now a bungee cord does the trick. Most of what is stored on top is un- opened sets and Lego train related items. The external side storage holds my minifig bins and bulk part storage. Most completed sets are stored on shelves around the room. The red and blue ship in the cabinet is a ship I've been working on for nearly two years. Once finished I'll post some pics of that too.
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