Not Lego :(

A few years ago I purchased a large bulk bag of Lego bricks. They were suppose to be 100% Lego. I sorted through the bag and removed a few stray bricks from that other company. The bricks pictured above slipped through my sorting process. Later I built a number of cool items using them. The blue ones have studs on both sides. Lot's of SNOT possibilities. I was always on the hunt for more of them believing they were Lego. I've spent hours on bricklink looking for them. Then I decided to see if I could get a part number off one of them. I was truly disappointed when I read the name "Tyco" clearly printed on the side. These were not Lego! Now I'm not sure about the grey one, but I can only assume that it to is made by that other company. I'm sort of a purist when it comes to Lego, so I don't use them anymore. I just hope that the Lego group one day makes parts similar to these.

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