Bulk Lego Auctions

While Pick a Brick on is great for finding those parts you need. It's also very expensive. If you want to add to your Lego collection, and want to do it fast, I mean really fast. Bulk auctions are the way to go.

A set on Lego Shop at home typically runs from 9 to 18 cents a brick. Unless it's an auction I really want, I never pay more than 2.5 cents a brick. More often than not, I pay less than that.
The rule of thumb is, there are 300 bricks on average per pound. At 2 cents a brick, that's $6.00 a pound. At 2.5 cents a brick, that's $7.50 a pound.
The last auction I won, weighed in at a hefty 40 pounds. That's 12,000 bricks! The parts a usually varied in type and color. You'd be amazed at the bricks you get that you never knew existed, or came in a certain color.

For Does and Don't on Bulk Auctions CLICK HERE, or click on the "Pages" link in the upper left corner of this blog.

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