Train Shed in Tan

This project came about in an odd sort of way. For whatever reason I took a disliking to the color tan. So, every tan colored brick I got I would store it in a bag. Then when Lego shop at home ran out of 10027 Train Sheds, I was really bummed. So I combined my two problems and this set was the result. This was a interesting project for me. Not only was I working with a limited number of pieces, but a limited number of pieces in a single color (for the most part). The logs in the front are from a couple 10013 Open Freight Wagon sets. It's not as detailed as I would have liked, but I will keep adding to it as those tan pieces add up. BTW, oddly enough the color scheme of the shed matching the passenger car of the Emerald Night set is just a nice coincident. The Shed was 80% complete when that set came out. They do match nicely.
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